Opposites Attract!

Matching has always been a major achievement for humans. From matching two picture cards in a game to figuring out what words rhyme, we always look to "match" things. But what if I were to tell you that opposites can match, or go together? It isn't necessarily "matching", but colors can work in unison together. We can accomplish a lot using the color wheel, and putting a dazzling shirt and tie combination can be one of those said accomplishments. 

Reference the color wheel above (Image taken from Better Homes and Gardens. No copyright infringement is intended). We can see a lot of beautiful colors. But notice the color "slices" and how they have an opposite. The opposites actually work together. So believe it or not, but red and green work together. As well as purple and gold, blue and orange, and so on. 

You may have a purple paisley necktie and pocket square. If you have a shirt in the yellow/gold family, try putting them together. You will notice that they complement one another very well. There is nothing wrong with matching colors exactly, but you can open up a whole new world of possibilities by using the opposites to compliment one another. Opposites can indeed be very attractive! 

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